From the pioneering spirit that drives SOM Tales of Perfume, we want to bring about a positive change and enrichment of perception by creating the best fully botanical perfume implementations in the world.

Good new design makes a positive contribution to the world. It is therefore SOM’s mission not only to deliver the perfume sustainably and artisanally (often custom-made). The design carriers that spread the perfume are also developed in-house in a responsible, aesthetic and traditional way of the highest quality. The specific scent compositions that SOM makes in combination with a specially designed scent carrier is called Scent Architecture.

We believe that 100% botanical perfume and therefore the health-promoting effect is the necessary connection for your experience. That it enriches perception and that it is the ultimate means of communication that leads to a lasting imprint in your brain. Health, well-being and sustainability are the core values ​​of SOM.

Our focus is on introducing and implementing our Scent Architecture based on fully botanical perfume.

We want to create awareness so that a botanical perfume in an environment or interior is chosen for its valuable capacities over a (partly) synthetic variant. Our ambition is therefore to be “world’s finest” on the international market for fully botanical interior perfumes and to make our unique “Scent Architecture” a household name worldwide.

Because in this time and the future that lies ahead, a healthy working and living environment is becoming increasingly important and this improves productivity. Because guests place higher demands on the hospitality industry with regard to health. Because sustainable and responsible use of our raw materials is increasingly coming to the fore. And especially because the awareness of the above subjects is increasingly spread. Are we; SOM Tales of Perfume, the logical partner for the work, living and leisure environment of the future.

” Inspiring positive change and enrich perception, by creating the world’s finest 100% botanical perfume experiences “

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