SOM Tales of Perfume designs and develops both perfume compositions with 100% botanical ingredients and complementary design objects that are the carriers of the perfume compositions.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, SOM has also dedicated the art of fully botanical perfume composing to a new collaboration with Dutch companies Aromed and Varta/DDF, named AROMED+.

We have developed a premium line of natural products that help you to wear a mouth mask more comfortable and to the bring strength and health of nature into your home and office. This new line of natural products uses Dutch ingredients from natural byproducts of the Dutch plant and flower industry.

“We saw with sorrow how our agriculture and horticulture ended up with large surpluses, while we knew that so many valuable ingredients were being lost.”

In addition to custom work for clients, we also create unique design objects and interactive installations with accompanying perfumes for international galleries and events.