We believe our perfumes are as precious and valuable as a jewel.

 Therefore our hand made design objects that diffuse the perfumes need to be a jewel as well.

The intrinsic nature of the finest full botanical ingredients for our perfumes and the natural raw materials we work with determine the character of the sophisticated design. In search for the ultimate balance we intuitively create the connection between volatility and timelessness, density and sensitivity, movement and stillness, gravity and weightlessness.

A well-curated mix of carefully sourced and hand picked materials and ingredients that are shaped by our skilled hands blend into a unique and contemporary design. The designs outlast everyday interiors, define personalities of spaces and more important, due to the perfumes, emphasise the personality of its owner. This perfume resonates with the owner and with all the beauty that surrounds him or her.

The design is defined by the person and the space where it comes to life.

Our perfume and design studio is located at Bussereindseweg 47 5954 CG Beesel, The Netherlands. Studio visits and private visits by appointment only.

Contact marielle@somperfume.com for your visit.

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